Heather Hermant

Heather Hermant

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Toronto, Canada, North America
Current Home:
Toronto, ON, Canada
Artistic Mediums:
Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change, Healing Arts, Literary Arts, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Music, Journalism, Video, Movement/Physical Theatre, Social Practice, One-to-one and durational performance
Ashkenazi Jewish, French, Scottish, British, German


Riva (Rivka) Brauda


Heather Hermant is a poet, performer, facilitator, and scholar. Her work explores the interface between archive, land, body, and performance. She has followed across several works an eighteenth century figure who passed across gender and more to become the first Jewish almost-settler arrived to and deported from Canada. This includes the theatre work ribcage: this wide passage, performed in French as thorax : une cage en éclats (dir. Diane Roberts) presented by Le MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturels) and Vancouver''s Firehall Arts Centre; her one-to-one performance Aujourdhuy / This Day, 1738, at Rhubarb Festival; and a PhD in Gender Studies in progress at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Recent work includes O W N, an ecopoetics collection with angela rawlings and Chris Turnbull, and queer slow dance with radical thought, which combines social practice and performance to build critical embodied archives through one-to-one performance experiences. Its first edition, co-created with Alvis Parsley, was at Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives for Rhubarb Festival. Its second, The Water Edition, co-created with Alvis Parsley and Kaija Siirala was presented at Pantopia Telematic Encounters, Faroe Islands. Heather was Associate Artist at Vancouver''s urban ink productions 2006-2014, she teaches Community Arts at York University and she has been collaborating with Diane Roberts and Danielle Smith through backforward collective on development of the Personal Legacy for almost a decade.

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