Jude Wong

Jude Wong

the basics

Fresno, California, USA
Current Home:
Duncan, BC, Canada
Artistic Mediums:
Movement, Healing Arts, Administration, Graphic Design, Promotional Writing, Facilitation, Group Process
Chinese, Danish, German, Russian


Frank Wong


During her career as a contemporary dance artist, and on the brink of her first marriage; Jude was drawn to the Arrivals work out of her search for a sense of cultural identity, home and belonging, and her love of camp fires. As an artist of multiple and diverse ethnicities, the Arrivals project ignited in her a deep passion for diversity, universal human experiences, ceremony and the effect of our ancestral and biological lineage on the present. Six years later, Jude now lives in her Canadian hometown on Vancouver Island, BC where the Arrivals Process continues to be a central and grounding force in her vocational transition into the healing arts. At the core of this path is a deep appreciation for personal and collective healing, the immense wisdom of the human body and the crucial role that authentic expression, ceremony, spirituality and community play in that process. She is currently working towards a BA with a double minor in psychology and anthropology, as well as continuing her training in transpersonal psychology, group process, somatic, and Jungian-based therapies. Her training has included The Way of Council, Family Constellations Work, Compassionate (Non-Violent) Communication, Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork. 

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