Rosemary Georgeson

Rosemary Georgeson

the basics

Vancouver, Kanata, Turtle Island
Current Home:
North Delta, BC, Canada
Artistic Mediums:
Visual Arts, Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change, Film, Healing Arts, Literary Arts, Spoken Word, Storytelling
Coast Salish, Sahtu Dene, Scottish, Irish, English


Sophie Georgeson
Marie Rose
George William Georgeson


Rosemary Georgeson, Coast Salish, Sahtu Dene woman. Rosemary is a writer, performer, storyteller, documentary film maker, facilitator, her passion is finding and sharing of untold stories of the west coast, the telling of  the stories of her First Nations grandmothers whose stories and whole being were written out of history. When she is not researching into her family history, Rosemary works as a storyteller and a facilitator on and off reserve, focusing on the reconnection of youth and elders through the medium of storytelling and writing.

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