Welcome to the SeedPool where anything is possible. Drop a seed. Fertilize a seed. Watch a seed grow. If your question isn't on this list, send us a message in the contact form.


Seedpool User's Guide

  • Why the SeedPool?

    The SeedPool was created by Arrivals Legacy Website Creative Directors Jude Wong and Diane Roberts. Our intention here is to provide a space for past Arrivals participants, facilitators, and like-minded artists to exchange creative fragments, thoughts, new ideas and conundrums that emerge from the legacy process. This is an experiment—a virtual collaborative space similiar to the village circle we create in the workshop. We are as intrigued as you are to find out where the SeedPool will go. We invite you to dive in and see where the current takes you.


  • What is a Seed?

    A Seed can be a poem, a section of film footage, a song, a tune, an audio i-Story, a photograph, or anything else that may inspire feedback, collaboration or further development.

    A Seed can be open or closed to collaboration. This is indicated by the presence of a leaf icon.


  • Who can submit or collaborate on a Seed?

    At the moment, we are accepting SeedPool submissions and/or collaborations from Arrivals Alumni only. Once we get a better idea of how the SeedPool is working, we will be able to open submissions to any artist who feels inspired by a Seed.


  • How do I submit a Seed?

    Email: info@arrivalslegacy.com to request a Seed submission form. You will be asked to specify whether your seed submission is open to collaboration.


  • How do I collaborate on a Seed?

    If a Seed is open to collaboration, it will have a leaf beside it. Click on the leaf to download a request form and propose a collaboration. If the author of the seed accepts your proposal, you will be introduced by email, and the Seed you'd like to collaborate on will be sent to you.

    It could work like this:

    Jude Wong submits a poem inspired by her arrivals journey.
    You see her poem and feel inspired to write music for it.
    You send a request to collaborate with Jude's seed.
    Jude accepts your proposal and agrees to be introduced by email.    
    We send you Jude's poem.
    You create the music and record the song.
    You submit the new song as a seed by requesting a seed submission form as above.
    Your submission appears online and is open to further collaboration (should you choose).

  • What happens to my Seed after collaboration?

    Anything can happen. Perhaps someone sees the song made by you and Jude Wong and they are inspired to create a dance work from it. They go through the same process as above and now three seed collaborators are connected in a virtual creative process. And the beat goes on...


  • What if I don't want my Seed open for collaboration?

    You indicate this on your seed submission form. When your seed is posted it is marked as a closed seed (no leaf beside it).


  • What if I change my mind about whether my Seed is open or closed to collaboration?

    If you change your mind and wish to have your Seed open or closed, just contact us and we'll take care of it for you.


  • Sharing and Commenting on Seeds

    Anyone can comment and share a seed. Comments are moderated to foster a collaborative atmosphere in the SeedPool and to encourage participation from the fullest range of artists and viewers possible. We welcome constructive feedback here, but will not approve any comments with inappropriate language or personal criticism.