Arrivals Workshop & Residencies Slideshow

Posted on July 29, 2020

In 2008-9 Co-facilitators Diane Roberts, Heather Hermant and Danielle Smith and Rosemary Georgeson travelled to 5 cities across Canada to research and develop the Arrivals Personal Legacy methodology. The workshop series culminated in an unforgettable 10-day collaborative workshop with 17 Indigenous and Cross-Cultural interdisciplinary artist collaborators. The photo collage displayed here are snippets of the discoveries made, gestures and artworks created.

Included in this slideshow are images from the Atlantic Project, a residency conducted in Cardiff Wales in partnership with The Alajotas Dance Company, Urban Ink Productions & Chapter Arts.

Featuring artists: Peter Olalekan Adedokun, Dima Alansari, Zainab Amadahy, Mia Amir, Dominique Bourassa, Glenda Braganza, Christian Campbell, Christine Comeau, Patti Flather, Sophie Gee, Rosemary Georgeson, Charlene Hellson, Raistlin Jones, Chimwemwe Miller, Leonard Linklater, Mutya Macatumpag, Julie Tamiko-Manning, Nadine Mondestin, Caroline Monnet, Emilie Monnet, Meena Murgurson, Naima Phillips, Leigh Anne Perry, Liliona Quarmyne, Diane Roberts, Marika Schwandt, Valerie Sing Turner, Lopa Sircar, Danielle Smith, Mayahuel Tecozautla, Amber Walker & Jude Wong.

We would like to thank our Cross Canada partners and collaborators Urban Ink Productions & W2 in Vancouver,  Playwrights Workshop Montreal, Alberta Playwrights Network in Calgary, aceart inc. in Winnipeg, Gwaandak Theatre in Whitehorse. We'd also like to thank NourbeSe Philip, Zab Maboungou, Emma Tibaldo & Kiran Trace de Jaray for your counsel and Siobhan Barker, Amita Daniels and Cathy McDonald for your support.

Photos by David George Morgan, Diane Roberts, Heather Hermant & Jessica Hallenbeck.

The slideshow could use a soundtrack so if any Arrivals Alumni feel inspired to add sound to this in the form of music, soundscapes and/or spoken word. Please do. See the SeedPool Users Guide for instructions on how to collaborate on a Seed.


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