Emma's Istory

Posted on August 06, 2016

Being part of the APL Process allowed me to begin my journey and to know what it was. Before the APL Process it was just a lot of useless knowledge (or so I thought was useless). I knew things that history told me I needed to forget about and be thankful that I had been COLONIZED!! The APL Process started to unravel all of that from the very beginning, as soon as I started learning about myself through this process.

I am in the process of finding my grandmothers who were omitted from history. From the time they met and entered into the Georgeson family they ceased to exist in their family. Neither of my ancestral First Nations grandmothers existed before they encountered the Georgesons. By all accounts there is nothing about them or where they came from prior to entering into our bay and having children there, living a life there and even then they still did not exist, but I am here as proof that they did exist.

I need to write and I need to research so I understand what happened to my grandmothers. I need to know their stories and how it still affects us all today. Telling their stories, talking to people and elders to find my family keeps driving me forward. I need to walk where they walked, to know their language, to understand how this all came to be. What were their names before the government or the old Scotsman named them?


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