Fresh Awakenings

Posted on October 22, 2020

This is the opening video for the multi-channel Installation Hexsa'am/To Be Here Always: “Six Questions”, created by Diane Roberts with sound designer & composer Troy Slocum. The work premiered at Belkin Gallery in January 2018 and was presented at Kamloops Art Gallery in April 2019 and Art Mur, and as part of the Montreal Biennale Art Contemporaine Autochtones (BACA) April-August 2020.

In an interweaving sound narrative in dialogue with the environment, artists Siku Allooloo, Navidu Taylor, Marianne Nicolson, Diane Roberts, Althea Thauberger and Lindsey Willie answer 6 questions about art, identity, longevity and hopes for the future. This project was funded by the New Chapters Fund of the Canada Council for the Arts. In the original installation, viewer/witnesses look at the photograph and see the question. They then have the opportunity to pick up a set of headphones and listen to the answers being worked out by the participating artists. This opens a dreamspace for the witness/viewer and sets up an intimate relationship between witness and narrators.

This project utilizes the methodology of The Arrivals Legacy Project founded by Diane Roberts which values the role of the full bodied witness: to our immediate environment, our personal histories/legacies, our present and future kin and with ever present world of our ancestors.

About the Full Art Piece.

Hexsa’am/To Be - Here always ‘Six Questions’, 2019 5 photographies sur papier autoadhésif et lettrage en vinyle, 1 vidéo en boucle sur moniteur digital, 6 paires d’écouteurs 5 photos printed on sticker paper overlaid by vinyl text, 5 digital audio tracks on loop and 1 digital video on loop on a digital monitor, 6 headphones 83,8 x 101,6 cm chaque / 33 x 40 in each This project was originally commissioned by Marianne Nicholson & Althea Thauberger as part of the Mirrored in Stone multi-generational Indigenous artist residency that took place January-July 2018 at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet, Vancouver Island British Columbia. Sounds, photo and video images were captured by Diane Roberts during her 10 day creative residency in the Kingcome Inlet community.


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