Invitation to the Fire

Posted on July 13, 2016

Invitation to the Fire

(A poem by Jude Wong)


We remember …

Sitting around a fire

Our feet planted on the earth

Our hands on our thighs

Hearing the rains coming

Pouring down



We remember …

Lifting our gazes

Exposing our throats

To the sky

Letting out a call

Voicing a song

Hearing the others respond



We remember …

When the bravest

When the most beautiful

When the tallest or shortest

When the thinnest or largest

One among us

Rose and entered the centre

To dance around the fire



We remember …

The silent knowingness

That swept over us

As we gazed

Across the circle

And to either side of us

Into the eyes

Of our people



We remember

the warmth of the fire

and this sacred space

that called us home

It takes a village

to remember this meeting place,

the fire that calls

us to gather round,

remember and reclaim

our voices

our legacies

our people

We welcome you to the fire

May you Remember here.

May you find Home.

A Poem by Jude Wong.

The origins of this Seed are the Fire Circle story from the Arrivals workshop, the depth and richness of the Arrivals work itself, and how the work has landed in me since my first workshop in 2007.

In co-creating the copy for this website with Diane, I retrieved The Fire Circle story text to see if a part of it might be used and wrote this accidental poem. When I read it to an anthropology class this spring at Vancouver Island University, along with a showing of the first draft of the Arrivals Origins story video, students there were deeply affected by both of them.

It amazes me and simultaneously doesn't surprise me at all that I find myself working on this website with Diane, as we approach 10 years of knowing and working with each other and the Facilitation Team—in the Arrivals studio as artists and co-facilitators, and in my case, in the related "studios" of marketing, grant writing, visioning and copywriting.

Who could have known, when I walked into my first Arrivals workshop in Whitehorse, YT, as a practicing dance artist and about to get married, that all these years later, I'd continue to be moved deeply by this work and that my involvement with it would continue into my current life in BC, Canada.

The fire pit has been a place of comfort and home for me throughout most of my life – a place of warmth, music, comfort, connection, and belonging; but it wasn’t until the Arrivals Process that I fully understood why. Around the fire, each of my ancestral lineages may meet in our collective histories there. Each finds its place within me; each finds its voice and the immense transformation of speaking and living it becomes possible. Here we may find our identity as members of the human tribe.

Aho. Namaste.

Tak.  Do Je.  Danke.  Spaseeba.

Thank you.


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