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Announcing the SeedPool Curatorial Team!

Arrivals Legacy Project is excited to welcome the new SeedPool Curatorial Team which includes: Montreal based Interdisciplinary Performance artist Lydie Dubuisson, Visual and Performance Artist Nadia Myre and Theatre artist Julie Tamiko Manning; Toronto based playwright and director Nikki Shaffeullah; BC based multidisciplinary sound artist and producer Anju Singh, and healing arts practitioner Jude Wong. Over the course of the next 6 months, AD Diane Roberts will lead the team in uncovering the collaborative potential in the SeedPool platform. 

What is SeedPool?

SeedPool (launching in the Winter 2023) will provide a powerful playground for ALP artists to offer up fragments, ideas and/or musings in video, audio, written and photographic forms. The SeedPool curators will join Roberts in observing inspiring and, at times, provoking these interactions with the hopes of addressing the following questions:

  • How can disembodied online collaborations seed embodied collaborative works?
  • What is the relationship between the borderless space of online collaboration and the liminal space where legacy stories are sourced?
  • How can we exploit this borderless space to enhance our cultural, environmental, geographic and creative border crossings through collaboration?

In the SeedPool, artists will upload what we are calling artifacts (a poem, an image, a song, a question). Another artist will ask permission to pick up that seed and answer the call/question in a creative response. From this, a new artifact or seed will be co-created. The creation of the new seed or creative proposition is one of the outcomes of this collaborative exchange. Another (perhaps more profound) outcome is the interaction itself.

What draws an artist to another’s artifact or seed? What question/call or need do I attach to my seed to elicit a desired response? How do I stay open to the unexpected that might arise in this interaction? How does a story about my ancestor’s shoe mapped in a particular time and space, speak to a story of your ancestor’s watch? What are the hidden stories/histories, intersections that might arise in the simple exercise of mapping? What if there are thematic synergies or tensions that arise? How do we navigate these?

All of these questions create a new dramaturgical pathway for artists to consider. 

These types of interactions will never, in our minds, replace the in-person workshop experience. While it will satisfy contributing artists’ more immediate research needs and inquiries, it will also enhance the desire and opportunity to collaborate in a physical space as a long or medium term aspiration. These exchanges also offer artists who wish to reach beyond their immediate local networks the opportunity for crossings in time and space.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements!