Aki Matsushita ー 松下曉

Montreal, Quebec
Theatre, Storytelling

About the Artist


Theatre, Storytelling

She is formally known as Caroline Aki Matsushita-Guertin, but you can just call her Aki. She is a biracial, Japanese-Canadian (nisei, second generation) dramaturg, arts educator and artistic administrator raised in Ottawa and Tokyo within a family of pedagogues.

Aki’s love for theatre began in her formative years at a francophone Arts High School in Ottawa. She completed a Bachelor’s of Arts specialised in theatre, during that time, she participated in an international exchange studying for a year at the University of Birmingham, UK to immerse herself in English and European Theatre. In the years that follow, Aki completed her Masters of Arts in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy, successfully defending her Thesis that examined the Intercultural Adaptations of Japanese Post-War Theatre Director, Suzuki Tadashi.

Aki is fascinated by intercultural performance, as it fosters an exchange and seeks out connection between seemingly disparate entities, looking at the world through the lens of wanting to understand each other’s humanity across geographic, cultural, linguistic, temporal and cultural boundaries. Intercultural performance resonates deeply with Aki as a bi-racial artists whose mixed-identity has always been a centre point of her existence.

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