Our Vision

Our goal is simple: to cultivate a world where artists revel in the borderless potential of their cultural inheritances.

We are Arrivals Legacy Project

We guide, we gather and we challenge artists and creators to access and re-route their creative impulses by attuning to the wisdom of their ancestral stories.

We are here to ignite the joy of deepening creative collaborations that amplify and re-centre the rich cultural legacy of BIPOC artistry.

Our Values


We are committed to providing ‘village’ spaces that are founded on meaningful connections, affinity and mutual respect.


We seek solutions to create rooted stability in a way that honours our community’s dedication to their craft and is fully aligned with our vision and mission.


We plant seeds and allow them to grow through collaboration, reflection and experimentation.


We create space for exploring new ideas, communities and partners - even when they’re outside of our comfort zone.


We work hard to bring rigour, structure and creativity to everything we do, to inspire people to embrace the unknown.


We respect and critically engage with our root cultural knowledge systems, which have the potential to recast new forms of leadership.

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Our Vision
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