Our Story

We are living legacies. We gather, deposit and imprint residues in every interaction with our past our present and the world around us.

A Message from the Founding Artistic Director

Diane Roberts
ALP Artistic Director
“The Arrivals Legacy process was born out of a personal longing to belong. I have been, for some time, obsessed with a search for home. Fighting an overwhelming sense of rootlessness and, to my surprise, inexplicable fear of exile and betrayal. In my generation and my parents' generation I had yet to uncover a traumatic story to fit this motif. Nevertheless, these persisted as the main characters in my not-so-distant past.”

Through the process I allow my curiosity free reign as I retrace a legacy that begins, for me, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Inhabited in this ‘reassembled’ frame, just below its foundation, is an ancestral war dance between coloniser and colonised, slave master and enslaved, European explorer and Indigenous warrior. The battle manifests itself daily in my mind, my joints, my blood, my bones, my tongue, my being.

The context for the Arrivals Legacy process is, has been and will continue to be the colonised body. What I have found is that the process of sourcing and unearthing stories can be universally applied as a grounding tool for dialogue across differences.

These stories are under skin, mingled in blood, buried in bones and breath. We are called to carry them, to deepen our footprints and to provide a clear path for future seekers to follow.

We welcome you to the fire.
We welcome you home.

Our History

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