Natasha Ama Eck

Ajax, Ontario
Dance, Arts for Social Change

About the Artist


Dance, Arts for Social Change


Natasha Eck, a multi-talented dancer, Kemetic Yoga practitioner, and educator, showcases a profound passion for movement and cultural relevance. With over a decade of experience, she has dedicated her career to creating and leading culturally responsive movement workshops and programs for various organizations across Canada. Natasha honed her dance skills and expertise through training, including guidance from esteemed instructors such as Milton Myers at Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Eleo Pomare, and Cleo Parker Robinson in the United States, further enriching her dance repertoire.

In addition to her dance background, Natasha Eck is a York University alumna, achieving both a Bachelor of Honours in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Natasha Eck's dedication to personal growth and spiritual development is evident through her participation in the Sacred Leaders Program, led by Aina-Nia Ayo’dele, a Leadership Coach and Ancient Wisdom Teacher, which has undoubtedly deepened her understanding of spirituality and enriched her approach to teaching and guiding others.

Her commitment to the arts, education, and spiritual growth continues to reflect her dedication to inclusivity and representation in her work.

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