Lindsay Dawn Dobbin

Visual Arts, Music, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change, Film/Video, Storytelling

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Visual Arts, Music, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change, Film/Video, Storytelling


Lindsay Dawn Dobbin is a Kanien'kehá:ka - Acadian - Irish water protector, musician, artist and storyteller who lives, listens and creates in Wabanaki Territory, following the cycles of the tide. Dobbin's relational and place-responsive practice is a living process that follows curiosity rather than form with the intent of understanding and kinship—the way of water. As a human being with intersecting identities as well as personal and ancestral displacement and trauma, their practice honours direct experience as a way of coming to (un)know while listening for the shared beingness, health and resilience in meeting waters.

Their transdisciplinary work in sound art, percussion, performance, sculpture, pedagogy and writing places wonder, listening, collaboration, play and improvisation at the centre of creativity. Through exploring the connection between the environment and the body and engaging in a sensorial intimacy with land and waters, their practice aims to bring attention to the natural world as witness, teacher and collaborator in learning—making visible and audible our interdependence with the larger web of living beings and systems in which human life is embedded.

Dobbin is also an active artistic collaborator, working on projects with Elders, children, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, scientists, writers, visual artists, sound artists, curators, architects, healers, herbalists and many more. They are also a land-and-water-based learner/teacher.

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