Ülfet Sevdi

Visual Arts, Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Storytelling

About the Artist


Visual Arts, Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Storytelling


Ülfet Sevdi is a writer, theatre director, dramaturge, visual artist, and Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner based in Montreal. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts and Theatre at Mersin University, Turkey, in 2001. She holds a Research and Creation Master in the INDI program at Concordia University. She is now a PhD candidate in the INDI program at Concordia University. Her work deals with oral history and social narratives. Her approach is highly conceptual, experimental, and is theoretically grounded in the critical social sciences. She was the co-founder and artistic director of nü.kolektif (2008-2014), an Istanbul-based collective of multidisciplinary artists involved in performances dealing with political topics. She continued this line of work with Thought Experiment Productions (2015-) since coming to Montreal, a production company she also co-founded and that she co-directs. Her work has been presented in many cities in Turkey, many cities in Canada, in Denmark and in Brazil. Her last performance, Numbers Increase As We Count…, has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Montreal Council for the Arts, and the Cole Foundation, amongst others, and got unanimous praises from the art critics and media.

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