Seed 1: CH CH CHOICE: a truth outside

A seed by: Lopa Sircar (Das)
Project: Main Pool
In 2005, Lopa had something to get off her chest. A story that lived somewhere deep in her, in her blood. It was the story of her grandfather but she had no idea how to (re)(un)(dis)cover it until she met Diane. Diane’s Personal Legacy methodology is a perfect fusion of embodied exploration with solid research; it complimented Lopa’s previous training and was a great support to carry her through such a deep exploration of her roots. Lopa received an Intersectional Initiatives Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in 2008 to begin work on The Vermillion Project with Diane and the first draft was presented in 2009. In 2007, Lopa was awarded a Shastri Arts Fellowship to teach voice and to study with one of the fathers of modern Bengali theatre, Badal Sircar. During the fellowship, she performed in her mother tongue, Bengali, with two of West Bengal’s most prominent Third Theatre companies, Satabdi and Pathasena. Lopa’s work as a performer has taken her to stages across Canada, Dublin, and to Kolkata, India. She has a great love for contemporary storytelling that unearth truths across generations. A voice coach at heart, Lopa earned her MFA in Acting and teaching Voice at York University in 2010. She has taught at York and Humber College in Toronto and through her company Lopa Sircar Voice.


Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change
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Thinking of my Dida, my maternal grandmother. Watching a painting of 5 women that my aunt Shyamali painted. Somewhere, there’s a photo of me, yay high with kneehigh socks, standing in front of it. I’m not much taller now, but that painting, those women press me forward. They are as alive to me now as they were then. Thinking of my Dida and the choice she had: to stay in Kolkata, to look after her brothers, to marry (late), to have babies. Have my Mum. If not for the choice Dida chose I wouldn’t be here. And yet, every bone in my body hears her words vibrate through me “Ami London jette partam.” I could have gone to London.


You know she never once came to see me in Vancouver. Not once in Toronto. Not when I lived in Dublin. Not even when I lived in London. But once I moved to Leiden, she appeared to me everywhere. In shop windows, her sari’s aanchal (ãtʃol) sailing in the wind, her eyes creeping up behind my retinas, together we looked at beautiful things. 

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Seed 1: CH CH CHOICE: a truth outside
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