Orísun (Source / Root)

A seed by: Peter Ọlálékan Adédòkun
Project: Main Pool
PROFILE PETER OLALEKAN ADEDOKUN Born in Ibadan, Oyo-State, Nigeria, a prolific master drummer, drums maker, drumming trainer, actor, flautist and a versatile musician. He began his professional career in 1997. He is the Chief drummer of the Alajotas Dance Company Nigeria, he is the founder of the LEKAN DRUMS Intl a company that specializes in the making, fixing and selling of different African drums, LEKAN DRUMS Int’l also trains, performs, conduct /facilitate workshops on different African Drums and other musical instruments. He is the founder of ILU YORUBA (YORUBA DRUMS) an online tutorials & training platform for different Yoruba Drums. He also founded DRUMSVOICE OF JESUS, a gospel ministry which uses different African Drums, Songs and dance to praise and worship God at churches and other Christian oriented gatherings and programmes. In 2023 he founded NATIONS RHYTHM FESTIVAL, Nigeria 🇳🇬 . He has worked with several choreographers, directors, composers and musicians with a difference i.e. Ambassador Christopher Emmanuel (Alajotas Dance Company), Prof. Anjola Aboderin, Prof. Dotun Ogundeji, Late Prof. J. P Clark, Late Prof. Dapo Adelugba, Dr. Tunde Awosanmi, Jonathan Murray (Former President, Drums facilitators association, U.S.A), Dave Holland (U.S.A), James Tyson (former Theatre Programmer, Chapter Arts Centre, UK to mention but a few.


Music, Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts for Social Change, Photography
This seed is a collaboration of: What is a Seed: A dialogue

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Orísun (Source / Root)
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