The olive trees

A seed by: AA
Project: Calling our Ancestors Home
Originally from Tunisia, I am a Web developer and digital media artist whose heart-centred approach guides creative collaborations and relationships. After graduating with a Computer Science degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal, I started my digital media artist practice at the Film and Television School on Galiano Island, BC, first as a student, then video-editing mentor, leading to a staff position as Technical Director. After moving to Vancouver in 2006, I founded a web development agency, AtefDesign, and remain the lead designer and project manager. I have also worked as a technical coordinator and sound specialist for multiple festivals in and around Vancouver including Diwali Fest, New Forms Festival, and In-the-House Festival. Since 2020, I live with my partner and two children in Quw’utsun lands (Cowichan Bay) on Vancouver Island. As a father, my creative work also draws on my hopes and intention to connect my children to their Tunisian culture, heritage, and family.


This seed is a collaboration of: grief

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The olive tree is so symbolic to Tunisian food as almost every single food item is made with olive oil and olives on the table for every single meal.

A number of Tunisian proverbs involve olives or olive oil.

The one I remember: We paint our body with it, we nourish our body with, and we light our house with it.

The olive oil has been used by my ancestors and many before them in many ways and it is still to this day a great reminder of that ancient history.

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The olive trees
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