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Arrivals Legacy Project

An inter-arts organisation that centres the creative voices of African, Indigenous and Racialized artists.

What We Do

We Guide

We accompany creators as they unearth their personal and cultural histories using conventional research and embodied recovery tools, cross-cultural exchange and performative story-making.

We Gather

We bring together creative communities that are curious to share their stories and spark new and unexpected connections and insights. We invite new audiences to witness and engage the legacies we carry and those left behind.

We Challenge

We support artists to deepen their practice of reflecting on the wider implications of their emerging stories through in-studio and virtual processes that confront the challenges of cross-cultural collaboration with Ancestral sources.

Our exciting, virtual collaboration space will provide opportunities for Arrivals artists to seed new ideas, works and exchanges around their ancestral stories.


Moving Together / Arriving Together:  Report from Gregorio

Moving Together / Arriving Together: Report from Gregorio

Over the course of a week in late-September/early-October at the Prismatic Arts Festival in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, ALP successfully held our first…
New Moving Together/Arriving Together Project to debut in Halifax

New Moving Together/Arriving Together Project to debut in Halifax

Earlier this year, Arrivals Legacy Project’s curatorial team began planning our new project, Moving Together/Arriving Together: Decolonising Creative Partnerships. Funded by…
Introducing Gregorio Pablo Rodriguez-Arbolay

Introducing Gregorio Pablo Rodriguez-Arbolay

We are proud to introduce you to Gregorio Pablo Rodríguez-Arbolay, our newest team member!  Gregorio started his role with ALP…
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