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The Art of Healing

Meet the team of brilliant contributors to this webinar!

Our second webinar in this series highlights how Arrivals addresses intergenerational trauma, and considers its potential relationship to effective clinical, therapeutic, and spiritual healing practices that contribute to better mental, physical, and emotional outcomes.

Date & Time: Thursday, 16 May 2024, 2pm – 3:45pm EST

Jude Wong:  I came upon the Arrivals Personal Legacy Process in 2007, as a contemporary dance artist. The Arrivals process was my first experience of group process, healing, spiritual practice, and belonging.  As a participant, co-facilitator, writer, and eventual website co-visioner for the ALP, this process continues to serve me foundationally. I now facilitate the resolution of personal and collective trauma through regressive therapy, somatic exploration, systemic practices, and guided journeys in what I’ve come to call the sensory state. Navigating these internal creative landscapes, through mind, heart, and body. This is my canvas and these are my tools.

Zainab Amadahy is an author of poetry, song lyrics, nonfiction, and futurist fiction. She currently sits on the Advisory Council of Muskrat Magazine, where many of her writings appear. Although she is now semi-retired, Zainab has worked in community arts, non-profit housing, Indigenous knowledge reclamation, women’s services, and migrant settlement. Of mixed heritage (Black, Tsalagi, and Seminole), Zainab lives in Nogojiwanong, Ontario (Canada) on the bank of the Otonabee River.

Peter Ọlálékan Adédòkun is a prolific master drummer, drums maker, drumming instructor, actor, and flutist. Born in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is married to Oluwatosin Adedokun and blessed with 4 children.  After working many years with the Alajotas Dance & Music Company, he  founded LEKAN DRUMS Int’l, ILU YORUBA (YORUBA DRUMS) and the Drumsvoice Of Jesus. In 2023, he founded NATIONS RHYTHM FESTIVAL, which is designed to bring people from all around the world to celebrate the universal language of music. Different local and international artists are showcased in the celebration of culture and unity through performances, lectures, and workshops. More than music – people will learn how drums and rhythm, some of the most ancient tools, are being utilized and applied in non-musical ways to enhance modern life.

Mon Iker (they/she) is a transdisciplinary artist working across arts-activism and trauma-informed clinical herbalism.  By engaging the intersection of social and environmental justice through art and the healing exchange, they aim to create work that bridges visual culture and social practice.  They see the invocation of ancestor inspired medicine as facilitation of reconnection to self, others, and nature  — as well as radical resistance to a toxic modern socioeconomic and political paradigm.  Mon’s recovery from complex chronic illness, severe toxic exposure, and disability informs their work.  Born in San Antonio, Mon currently practices between Texas and New York.

Dr. Ray Hsu is an innovative entrepreneur, co-founder of Phare Counselling, and a respected figure in the arts community. With a decade-long background in product management and a commitment to leveraging technology for social good, Dr. Hsu has transformed therapy matchmaking platforms, making mental health support more accessible. As an accomplished artist, Dr. Hsu explores the intersection of creativity and healing, engaging in discussions on intergenerational trauma and the role of artistic expression in promoting well-being.

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The Art of Healing
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