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You may browse, share and comment on any of the Seeds.                                                                                                              You may even build upon a seed to make a new seed of your own,                                                                                                     or invite someone else to build upon a seed you have created.

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Spoken Word
Visual Art

Invitation to the Fire

By: Jude Wong | Tags: loss

A Poem by Jude Wong. The origins of this Seed are the Fire Circle story from the Arrivals workshop, the depth and richness of the Arrivals work itself, and how the work has landed in me since my first workshop in 2007. In co-creating the c...

Arrivals Workshop & Residencies Slideshow

By: Diane Roberts | Tags: authentic

In 2008-9 Co-facilitators Diane Roberts, Heather Hermant and Danielle Smith and Rosemary Georgeson travelled to 5 cities across Canada to research and develop the Arrivals Personal Legacy methodology. The workshop series culminated in an unforgettabl...

Emma's Istory

By: Rosemary Georgeson

Being part of the APL Process allowed me to begin my journey and to know what it was. Before the APL Process it was just a lot of useless knowledge (or so I thought was useless). I knew things that history told me I needed to forget about and be than...

Negotiating home and the legacy of loss

By: Diane Roberts | Tags: loss

A Blog Post by Diane Roberts. I wrote this missive to dig deeper into the origins of the APL process. I'm interested to know what others have experienced where your journeys have taken you....


By: Lindsay Dobbin | Tags: authentic

                          In the Winter of 2014, I temporarily lost some of my hearing. This sound piece reflects my journey in and then out of that transformational expe...