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Artist Survey #3: Creative Process

As we put the finishing touches on our plans, we’re reaching out to ensure your travel and accommodation needs are perfectly catered to. To guarantee a top-tier experience for all attendees, we kindly request your input through a brief survey, specifically focused on communication preferences, flights, accommodations and ground transportation. Your valuable feedback will help us provide seamless arrangements for your journey.


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Feel free to flesh this out further on your Milanote board.
We also request for artists to self-test upon arrival if possible. We will have hand sanitizer and masks available.


e.g., For me, it will: (1) it will allow me to deepen my current understanding of African and Indigenous ways of knowing/being/doing through creative practice; (2) It will provide me with an opportunity to test some aspects of my ‘ceremonial journal’ with a circle of witnesses; (3) It will allow me to deepen my song practice–as witness to land, people, movements etc…



i.e., technical needs, supplies, materials, craft supplies, AND/OR tools?
i.e., warm-up time before, cool-down time after…?
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SeedPool at Prismatic Artist Survey #3: Creative Process
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