Carpenter of Sound

A seed by: Jason "Blackbird" Selman
Project: Main Pool
Jason “Blackbird” Selman is a Montreal born poet, trumpet player and community worker. He is the author The Freedom I Stole (2007, Cumulus Press), Africa As A Dream That Travels Through My Heart (2016, Howl) and co-editor of the poetry anthology Talking Book (2006, Cumulus Press) which chronicles the writings of Kalm Unity Vibe Collective (of which he is a founding member). He works as a teaching artist, conducting poetry workshops in schools across the Montréal area and beyond. His work is grounded in the themes of ethno-musicology, surrealist expression, love and the intersection of masculinity and emotional vulnerability.


Music, Spoken Word, Poetry
This is an original seed

Carpenter of Sound
(My Arrival Belonging Statement)

Part II
What does it mean to be here?
To let go
To see your son walk away
Into something that can never be perfect
The unknown
What was the the deal you made
He is twenty-one
The world is waiting
You will stay home
Perhaps waiting
Perhaps not

When a door is opened, you walk through
At twenty-one our doors were opened
For your son and I
A new country, a new career
There is no turning back
But perhaps we both need to go home
To a place of comfort, a place of courage

How did you say goodbye?
In that moment
In the final hour
To a son who most likely
Is so much like you
How much were holding on?
How much could you let go?

On the other side
In this country of heart and mind
We must be free
To be what we are meant to be
To build something new
To finish a task
Despite errors and imperfections

Part II
March 22, 2023

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Carpenter of Sound
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