Arrivals Legacy Voice

Facilitated by Diane Roberts and Gerry Trentham, Arrivals Legacy Voice is a restorative journey to breath and embodied voice. This is an opportunity for performers, writers, singers, educators, change leaders, and artists of all disciplines to come together in a collaborative space for cross-cultural exchange and performative story-making. This workshop takes place from Thursday, 23 […]

Arrivals Legacy Voice – Vancouver BC

We are offering an Arrivals Legacy Voice workshop in Vancouver this spring!  A restorative journey back to breath and embodied voice led by Arrivals Legacy Project Founder Diane Roberts with Rosemary Georgeson, Gayle Murphy, Lopa Sircar, and Gerry Trentham Register here Tuesday May 30 – Saturday June 3, 20239:30am to 5:30pm PST Online Preparatory Session […]

Arrivals Legacy Voice – Virtual

In this virtual lecture/demonstration, Diane and her co-facilitator Lopa Sircar invite participants to enter into an embodied self-reflexive moment to consider the following questions: What if I could be the presence in this world that this tumultuous time has called me to? How can we invite the past to transform our future in these present […]

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