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A Conversation with Diane Roberts

Artistic/Executive Director of Art2Action Andrea Assaf is in conversation with Diane following a lecture-demonstration on the Arrrivals Personal Legacy process.

The wide-ranging discussion covers the roots of the process, learning to embrace the unknown and the excitement of accessing the unknown within our bodies. Diane shares her own experience of the process of connecting with her Garifuna heritage. 

Some of the following questions were discussed:

How do we call our chosen ancestor into a relationship with us when they are at odds with our own values?

What is the responsibility of representation when we connect on a personal level with an ancestor?

What is the role of the witness in “catching story” as a way of building an ensemble process.

Further viewing:

Howlround tv: A Conversation: with Diane Roberts (53:31 mins)

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A Conversation with Diane Roberts
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