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Announcing the SeedPool Virtual Collaboration Space

We are pleased to announce an exciting new collaborative space that opens up opportunities for Arrivals Alumni artists to seed new ideas, works and exchanges around their ancestral stories.

What is SeedPool?

A virtual collaborative space, the SeedPool extends the village spiral beyond the Personal Legacy workshops, enabling Alumni artists from wherever they are to exchange impressions and expressions from their emerging Ancestral sources and weave new stories.

Why the SeedPool?

Seeded by Arrivals Legacy Project’s Diane Roberts and Jude Wong in 2015, the intention of the space was to give workshop alumni opportunities to creatively work through some of the conundrums and fragments of stories raised through the intensely collaborative process in the workshop space. It wasn’t until 2021 with funding from Canada Council for the Arts that we were able to realise this vision.

Where Are We Now?

We have the privilege of developing and testing the portal with a great cross-Canada curatorial team and 18 SeedPool artists hailing from across Canada – and one based in Nigeria. 

Next Steps

2023 will see us continuing to test and learn by gathering artists online and in person to seed ideas and share their experiences of SeedPool. Watch this space for further updates of the call for our first cohort in January 2023.

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Announcing the SeedPool Virtual Collaboration Space
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