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Calling Our Ancestors Home Residency

Deadline for applications: Sunday, February 5, 2023

Calling Our Ancestors Home is the first themed residency to take place in the SeedPool. 

We are inviting Arrivals alumni artists (those who have participated in a full workshop process) to contribute seeds and to explore the nature of collaboration within our digital platform called The SeedPool. The context for this exploration is the theme, Calling Our Ancestors Home, which draws on your experience of engaging with a chosen ancestor through our process, and/or your own creative reflection on your emerging ancestral story.

The SeedPool provides a powerful and spontaneous playground for artists to offer up fragments, ideas and/or musings in video, audio, written, and photographic forms. You will be supported by a team of SeedPool curatorial dramaturgs who will witness inspire and (at times) provoke these interactions with the hopes of addressing the following the questions:

  1. How can disembodied online collaborations seed embodied collaborative works?
  2. What is the relationship between the borderless space of online collaboration and the liminal space where legacy stories are sourced?
  3. How can we exploit this borderless space to enhance our cultural, environmental, geographic, and creative border crossings through collaboration?

The commission contract will involve 3 hours of group meetings with your curatorial dramaturgy ‘pod’ and 2 meetings with the entire group over zoom. These meetings are designed to stimulate your creative process and to support you in your interaction with our platform. You will be asked to create and upload an artist profile and to create and submit at least one seed to the SeedPool.  You will then be invited to choose and collaborate on at least 2 other seeds. Participants will also be asked to write a brief paragraph about their experience of the process and platform for the purpose of informing its future development.

What is a Seed?

  • An image, a movement sequence, a video, a sound piece, a story etc…
  • Is an expression of a developing relationship to your ancestral subject
  • Can be related to your discovery/experience/reflection of your experience in the Arrivals process
  • Can be a fragment of a longer piece
  • Can be complete i.e. not requiring collaboration but perhaps requiring discussion/response
  • There must be a question and call within it


The Residency will take place March 1 – April 30, 2023. 

Artist Fee

The artist fee for the residency is $1000. 

To Apply: Please fill in this google form.

This project is generously funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Program.

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Calling Our Ancestors Home Residency
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