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Our 2021/22 Annual Review Goes Live!

Our first annual review of Year 1 for Arrivals Legacy Project as a non-profit inter-arts organisation that centres African and Indigenous ways of being and creating is now available online!

We take our new tagline as the title of this report, as we chart our own journey of 19 years of art-in-the-making. It’s the same journey that we invite our artists to take with us through our programs, as they connect with their own cultural and creative inheritance.

We could not have achieved what we have in weaving the story of Arrivals Legacy Project without the support of our Team, our Co-facilitators, our Board, our partners and supporters and our Alumni artists. Thank you for accompanying us on this beautiful journey!

Read our unfolding story here.

Annual Review 2021/22 (PDF)  

Our Financial Report 2021/22 is available on request.

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Our 2021/22 Annual Review Goes Live!
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