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Calling Our Ancestors Home cohort

Calling Our Ancestors Home SeedPool Residency

Calling Our Ancestors Home brought together a group of 24 artists working together to seed new creative ideas, connections, and collaborations around their ancestral stories using our new digital space, SeedPool.

The result was an extraordinary process that inspired many participating artists and opened up new creative possibilities inspired by their ancestral sources. It also informed the ongoing development of the collaborative platform.

“I loved the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of artists and share ideas and psychic space.  My pod kept me company through familial ups and downs over the past two months.  Each and every one of my pod members was amazing, and our synchronicity as a group was breathtaking.

“Incredibly huge thanks for this process. I am, as always, honoured to be a part of the ALP community and am thankful for this beautifully healing process, which embodied an asynchronous synchronicity–it was perfect timing for me in my journey.”

Yaya Yao, Participant, Japan
Toronto Personal Legacy workshop, 2005

“The continuum of the Arrivals village, paired with the SeedPool residency, was a collective container that I felt held within, which inspired my creative process.  As we gathered online in present time and in the presence of our own spaces, I appreciated sharing and collaborating with artists through the Arrivals methodology.

“Witnessing others engage with their ancestral stories supported me in doing the same, even though it wasn’t happening in the same physical space.  The opportunity to meet each other within our questions and inspiration taught me so much, and nourished an important aspect of my practice and journey.  I’m grateful to continue through the relations formed, and leave traces and seeds in the online studio.”

Lindsay Dawn Dobbin, Participant, Halifax
Whitehorse Arrivals workshop, 2009; Tatamagouche Arrivals workshop 2015

Participating Artists:

Atef Abdelkefi
Brontae Hunter
Bushra Junaid
Chris Mejaki
Claire Love Wilson
Erika Del Carmen Fuchs
Espoir Segbeaya
Heather Hermant

Jenni Schine
Jonathan Langdon
Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff
Karen Charlie
Kim Villagante
Lee Williams Boudakian
Lindsay Dawn Dobbin
Michelle Rambharose

Mon Iker
Mosa McNeilly
natalie abdou
Nicola Harwood
Ülfet Sevdi
Valerie Sing Turner
Yaya Yao
Zainab Amadahy

Date: March 14, 2023
Location: Virtual
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Calling Our Ancestors Home SeedPool Residency
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