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Photo by Jonathan Langdon, featuring Rose Georgeson and Julie Tamiko Manning

Moving Together / Arriving Together at Prismatic

In Summer 2023 AD Diane Roberts, Curatorial Dramaturgs Lydie Dubuisson, Nadia Myre, Anju Singh, Julie Tamiko Manning, and ALP Project Manager & Lead Researcher Gregorio Pablo Arbolay, worked alongside our Prismatic SeedPool gathering artists to materialise the first in-person gathering and environment to explore collaborative artistic work.

Moving Together/Arriving Together: Decolonising Creative Partnerships (funded by Canada Council for the Arts Cultivate Program), was launched in K’jipuktuk / Halifax at the Prismatic Arts Festival.   

Nine ALP artists from across Canada (and Nigeria!) came together for a week of collaborative creation laboratories and public events, with the aim of co-weaving our ancestral stories through artistic creation, reflection, and dialogue, to seed distinct approaches to cultural and community partnerships.

At the root of the SeedPool Gathering and our Moving Together / Arriving Together project lies a central guiding question: How can we cultivate decolonial approaches to creative partnerships through sharing new collective possibilities and pathways for artistic creation and community collaboration?
Read more about this gathering from Diane and Gregorio.

Participating Artists:

Anju Singh (Vancouver, BC)
Diane Roberts (Montreal, QC)
Jonathan Langdon (Halifax, NS)
Julie Tamiko Manning (Montreal, QC)
Liliona Quarmyne (Halifax, NS)

Lindsay Dobbin (Halifax, NS)
Lydie Dubuisson (Montreal, QC)
natalie abdou (Antigonish, NS)
Peter Ọlálékan Adédòkun (Ibadan, Nigeria)
Rosemary Georgeson (Vancouver, BC)

Partners and venues:
Prismatic Arts Festival
Africville Museum
Bus Stop Theatre

Date: September 29, 2023
Location: K’jipuktuk / Halifax
Host: Prismatic Arts Festival
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Moving Together / Arriving Together at Prismatic
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