Arrivals Co(Lab)

A gathering in British Columbia of 17 artists from across Canada who had participated in the Arrivals Cross Canada workshop series. This 10-day exploratory lab invited artists to deepen their engagement with the Arrivals process and to share commonalities and divergences.

Antlantic Residency

Dancer/Choreographer Liliona Quarmyne hosted a 1:1 residency in Antigonish Nova Scotia, inviting AD Diane Roberts as dramaturg and development director for her new work in progress: Resonances of a Warrior Boy. The exploration for both Diane and Liliona was to expand on the discoveries made in previous workshops and apply it directly to a creation […]

Art of Peace Montreal Residency

Collaborator Gerry Trentham and Diane Roberts gathered collaborating artists Sylvie Bouchard, Michael Caldwell, Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff, Olivia Davies, Liliona Quarmyne, and Carlos Riveira over the course of 2 years in Toronto Montreal and Zoomland to create a new interdisciplinary work fed by our shared ancestral connections in Arrivals Legacy Process. The co-creative labs began with an […]

Diaspora Kidz

The LEÑA Artist Research & Residency Centre on Galiano Island was a fitting incubator for members of the Diaspora Kidz collective to deepen their relationship to their ancestral subjects on the land and territory of the Coast Salish peoples. Diane Roberts and Julie Tamiko Manning facilitated using the process, and there was an opportunity to […]

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