Happy Belated Birthday, Diane Roberts

A seed by: Jude Wong
Project: Main Pool
Jude is a mixed-race, two-spirited lover of the creative process, within and without, personally and co-creatively. In 2008, she came upon the Arrivals Personal Legacy Process as a contemporary dance artist, producer and instructor. The Arrivals work began a life-changing process of unravelling and detangling herself, to re-emerge in the healing arts, facilitating the resolution of personal and collective trauma through somatic exploration, group process, and guided journeys in the sensory state. At the core of this pathway is a deep appreciation for personal and collective healing, the immense wisdom of the human body and the crucial role that authentic expression, ceremony, spirituality and community play in the process of discovering and evolving the Self.


Interdisciplinary Arts, Dance, Arts for Social Change
This is an original seed

An authentic greeting with gesture, created through all my group processes in the last two years, received from the depths of my listening space, and shared with Diane in honour of her work and a very important Birthday I missed.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Diane Roberts
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