my future imaginings of joy

A seed by: Olivia C. Davies
Project: Main Pool
Olivia C. Davies is a Canadian Contemporary Indigenous dance artist who creates and collaborates across multiple platforms including choreography, curation, conversation, film, and sound design to share stories that open new ways to experience the world. Davies’ body of work spans three decades with creations and collaborations that explore the emotional and political relationships between people and places, often investigating the body’s dynamic ability to transmit narrative, blood memory, and a neo-traditional Indigenous perspective. In 2018, she founded O.Dela Arts and Matriarchs Uprising Festival. She honours her mixed-blood ancestry as an Algonquin Anishinaabe-Kwe with French-Canadian, Finnish and Welsh heritage.


Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Dance, Arts for Social Change, Film/Video, Spoken Word, Storytelling
This seed is a collaboration of: Desi Futures 1
transpiring in the recesses of my bones
the whispers of future ghosts can be heard
carrying melodies of joy that spool out of my heart
my future imaginings of joy carry vibrations
of the long-lost but never forgotten ghosts that rattle the skeletons in my closet
they are having a ball
they have let go of the burdens of the past
and  seek only the potential of possibility that lies ahead
i resonate with the harmony of winds howling, branches breaking
this momentary feeling haunts my heart


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my future imaginings of joy
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