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A seed by: Gerry Trentham
Project: What is a Seed
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English, Scottish and those before


TKaronto & Buffalo
 (Traditional territory of the Anishnawbe, the Huron-Wendat, Mississaugas the Credit River and the Hotinonhshon:ni Confederacy)


Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Dance, Film/Video, Poetry, Design (Graphic or Spatial)
This seed is a collaboration of: What is a Seed: A dialogue

What is a SEED?

If you flip your paper you will find me on the back side.

a seed can be bad
a rotten seed can do some good
a good seed can badly land
a right seed in a wrong place can do wrong
a wrong seed in the right time can do much wrong
a good seed can rot
a bad seed in a right place can seed a bad seed
a lie can seed a lie
a truth can seed a lie
a wrong place can seed a lie
a right time can seed the truth
a good seed can seed a lie
a lie can seed a bad seed
a right place can seed a good seed in a wrong time
a wrong time can seed a bad seed in a rotten place
a seed can be good
a good seed can seed good seeds
a good truth in a wrong time can seed a bad seed
a bad time can seed a good time
a bad seed can seed a good time
a rotten time can seed a good truth
a truth can be good
a lie can be good
a seed can seed a good lie
a bad seed can badly land
a bad land can seed a lie
a seed can land well
a well can feed a seed
a seed well landed can feed
a good truth can feed a seed
a bad truth can free


a seed – a provocation – an invitation – a seed as origin and end – a seed as a vision — I am thinking now, as I care give for my father – of my settler seed –  as I hear his stories — if I flip the paper of you my colleagues I may find my settler ancestor stories on the back side – not the lies I was told – the truth of what happened and what those happenings seeded and grew. In our conversation Rose talked of her stories now rising out of the earth of her home having laid dormant over generations. Stories rise up out of where they have been hidden waiting to be voiced and to be seen.  A seed in time and place.

746   Red Deer Nov 18, 2022

no one sees you floating
they hold you to the ground with a spoon of soup
fill you with pills from pill packs
will you from your bed …

where you sleep only on the right
with a right arm reaching
a hand

… for another walk
down a common hall
past the room with the lifebuoy
hanging on the door
I wonder which one she is

the sun rose this morning to ask for a story of your mother boiling water on the heater
then ran past this east window till it turned the cottonwood to gold

this early setting sets you barking
patches of thought that have lost their stitches
escape on gasps
as much in
as out

who does the laundry?
that’s not how you use the gas pedal!

dreams lived  
untied laces
twinkle pain

your bowels and back scream as you stand
so you prefer liquid and your bed

if we look closer the shadows have disappeared

Compelling Moment

Date: November 18, 2022
Location: Red Deer, Alberta
, Canada
, North America

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what is a seed? seeds a list
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