Lancez vos dés

A seed by: Sylvie Bouchard
Project: Main Pool
Sylvie Bouchard (elle/she/her) is originally from Montréal, where she began her dance training. She moved to Toronto to study at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and subsequently joined the Company in 1985 to perform nationally and internationally with them for five years, in works by Peter Randazzo, Trish Beatty, David Earle and Christopher House. Sylvie performed with Kaeja D’dance, Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and Dancemakers, and continues to perform with Fujiwara Dance Inventions and Pounds per Square Inch. She has worked closely with many choreographers including Denise Fujiwara, Gerry Trentham, the late Tedd Robinson, Lina Cruz, Yvonne Coutts, Susie Burpee, Marie-Josée Chartier, Sashar Zarif, Santee Smith and Roger Sinha, and is deeply grateful to Denise Fujiwara for being her mentor. Throughout her artistic career, Sylvie Bouchard has continued to forge original concepts in both the creation and the presentation of dance. In 1993, she created Dusk Dances, a festival that presents dance in Public Parks. In 1997 Sylvie formed the Company CORPUS with artistic partner David Danzon. Between 1997 and 2008, she co-created eight works with Danzon that toured nationally and internationally in Street Theatre Festivals, on stage and in schools. In 2008, Sylvie Bouchard formed BoucharDanse, a company that now serves as an umbrella for her artistic endeavors. Bouchard also co-created and performed in the popular series Four Square at Tree House TV.


Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Dance
This is an original seed

I felt compelled to be in the forest, felt that my grand mother and great grand mother on my mother’s side were speaking to me. So much sorrow in my heart from many recent deaths, including my mother’s. This sorrow deeply connects to my grand-mother and great grand mother’s sorrow, for the losses that these ancestors in particular had to endure. So much loss… and through these losses, slowly finding faith and trust.

The words came to me in English right away, so I did not questioned the language I was using. But later on I did, wondering why I did not feel compelled to write the words in French, my mother tongue. This is why I gave the seed a french title. I now want to create a French version of the words for this seed, and curious to see what will appear!

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Lancez vos dés
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