A seed by: Gerry Trentham
Project: Main Pool
Gerry Trentham’s (he/they) sense of wonder has led him through four decades of creation, performance and teaching involving the disciplines of dance, theatre, poetic writing, film/video and design. His commitment to the art of performance has led to international acclaim, Dora nominations and film awards within his canon of over 40 works and with some of Canada’s most renowned choreographers including Serge Bennathan, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Claudia Moore, and most recently with Denise Fujiwara and Zab Maboungou. With an MFA in Theatre and Graduate Voice Teaching Diploma under the mentorship of the renowned teacher David Smukler, 25 years as faculty in the acclaimed National Voice Intensive (now the Moving Voice Institute), with Denise Fujiwara in their new frontier of Butoh/Voice training and with Diane Roberts in her development of Legacy Voice, he has shared his bold theatre/dance synthesis in major theatre and dance conservatories in Canada and abroad throughout the United States, in London, Buenos Aires, and Queensland, Australia. His deep relationship with Arrival’s Legacy Project director Diane Roberts extends back decades. He participated in the Arrival’s Legacy Process that changed much of who and how he was, is and will be. He is a contributor to Arrival’s Legacy Voice development and further researches with Diane how the APL process powers performance in their joint work the Art of Peace Project.


Theatre, Interdisciplinary Arts, Dance, Film/Video, Poetry
This is an original seed

I am more interested about what others think as audience or viewer. I created the work completely alone in my attic – a narrow space and one camera angle – later random music from my partner playing piano and clock and video from an old clock in the house. I was interested in the lone -ness of it. I am interested to now create more of these – possible a tryptic – how would collaboration on the next one work — how are we alone in these modern times. I am open – what’s next. it is important that I honour although it is my own creation Denise Fujiwara was essential in instigating the project — please do not share this link beyond our community in respect for that origin – for now. Thanks 

the lone womb birth to death as transmigration ancestral past to ancestral future

I expect that this work even though I seemingly created it outside arrivals processes caries elements and was inspired by the matriarchal line of questioning within the Arrivals Legacy Process. Arrivals now fashions my world and is part of each creation. Now what is next the next collaboration within our ALP community?

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